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Running c-evo with j4cEvo
Copy all the files from dist (see Source Package only) to your c-evo (at least version 0.9.0) directory or other way around. To adjust the options for the jvm edit j4cEvo.ini (for each option a line with option=your_option, every line not starting with option= is ignored). Run startcevo.cmd (nt-based windows) or startcevo.bat (dos-based windows) (script to redirect output to cevoout.log, otherwise you wont get any output from jvm or j4cEvo)
Check cevoout.log for messages.
Debugging the java code
Works like debugging any other Java program, except you have to pass the arguments to the jvm via j4cEvo.ini and start the program with startcevo.cmd or startcevo.bat respectively.
Build your own ai module
Follow the directions in the api documentation.
Source Package only
Build the distribution first: Adjust j4cEvo/src/bcc32.cfg to your borland c++ installation and add to path. Create j4cEvo/lib and add the required libraries. Just run ant for build.xml in src. If you want to skip some targets just take the required files from the binary package.
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