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Additional software required:

  • The game itself, at least version 0.9.0 The game graphics in png format if you want to use the debug package.
  • windows or an emulator as civ evolution is a windows game
  • java 2 runtime environment, at least version 1.4

Binary package
General requirements plus:
Whatever development tools you want to use for your ai


Source package
General requirements plus:

  • for j4cEvo.dll
    built with borland c++, commandlinetool.exe(approx. 8mb) is available for free (but registration needed)
  • build process
    jakarta-ant (version 1.5 works, other versions untested, might work also)
    commons-collections (version 2.1 works, included in binary package)
    jRefactory (pretty printer plugin for ant used)
  • testing
    jUnit (version 3.7 works, other versions untested, might work also)

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